Speech-to-text with iodé

Bonjour a toute l’équipe !
Tout d’abord bravo et mille fois merci pour votre travail!

I own 2 Sony XZ1 under iodé since 2 years now and clearly redefine my experience with them, privacy,battery,speedy,simply… just magic. No need to change smartphone!
Sorry i’m glad to not have level to help you for dev…

There’s only one thing that i really mess, the google speech-to-text incredibly efficient fonction. I already try to install google on iodé to get this working, but it’s clearly a very crapy method…
So, is there an alternative to get back this functionality properly?

Thank you for answer.

iodé saved your life ? Maybe it saved your smartphone, but not your life :wink:
We did not include a TTS engine yet, but plan to do so. We are not convinced enough by existing free alternatives though.

that was my first thought too.
I don’t know of any really usable FOSS TTS alternative.