Sony XZ2 Updater iodèOS 1.2 to iodéOS 2.0 (Android 11) successful


The migration, upgrade from iodéOS 1.2 (Android 10) to iodéOS 2.0 (Android 11) via OTA update with the ‘Updater’ happened without incident. Among other things, the new email app is now integrated. Bravo! Great! Thank you, iodè-Team!

Update check

A new manual update check is displayed as failed. Comparison here as well: Sony Xperia XZ3.



I’m thinking of buying this phone to put iodé on. Do front & rear cameras work? How about Bluetooth?


Hi, they should work

نتمنى التحديث الى android 12

sony xz2

There it is further waiting

And it would be helpfull to write in english