Sony XZ1 Dual SIM

Is anyone here running IodéOS on dual SIM version of Sony Xperia XZ1 (poplar)?

If so, does the dual SIM functionality work?


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Not I, but I would love to. I had to settle for LineageOS on mine. Dual SIM functionality works just fine, although it doesn’t have VoLTE with any U.S. carrier. (I’m in the U.S.) Therefore, I mainly use it with a data SIM and JMP chat, or a foreign SIM plus my home SIM (roaming) when traveling (still without VoLTE).

My main phone, though, is still the XZ1 Compact with iodéOS (thanks to you!).

Why is that? Did the dual SIM functionality not work in IodéOS?

Back when I checked, there was no DSDS build for iodé, so I went with the working LineageOS one.

There is now :slight_smile:

Checkout pf-custom-roms - Browse /poplar/IodeOS at

There is also a DSDS-specific build of lineageos4microG : poplar_dsds

And this XDA Forum post [ROM] LineageOS 20.0 UNOFFICIAL - 1.5 [2023-12-27] | Page 4 | XDA Forums

Now you’ve got too much choice :wink:

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Cool. I’ll check it out.