Sony Xa2: videos in slow motion


All the videos I read with my device are in slow motion. I’ve already encountered this same problem with installing exclusively lineage on my phone.

So, this time, does anybody know if this would come from the new privacy layer that has been installed with the lastest version of the OS, and that I needed to set up correctly ? Or is there something lacking with the LineageOS packages ?

Thank you


Just a note here to say my troubleshot has been resolved with the recent 3.3 update.


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Good evening,

With the installation of 3.4 IodeOS update, the video reading trouble I got from my 1st post, got back. :slight_smile: Especially, while I read a video from the internet, as I tested a video sample with VLC, and it read it smoothly.

Does this happen on other devices ? Is there a tutorial to use that blocker from the 3.2 update ?

Thank you.

Update 3.6 here. I’ve got his slow motion videos back for my device.

I’ve had problem to read amr file as well. It’s the audio file format you can make while sending SMSs ?

Is the video problem recurring with Lineage OS ? It’s ok, with a VLC sample as stated previously.