Some questions regarding phone support & ad blocking


Pixel 4a owner who runs CayxOS. I’m interested in moving to iode for the Ad/tracking blocking baked into the OS. Currently the only reason for me to root is installing Adaway. But I would like to not root and lock the bootloader.

Ad Block

Would the iOS block method work in the same way, or as good as Adaway?

Can I update with my own lists etc, white/black list sites?

How does it work? Much like a vpn connection method rather than host file? Can I still use VPN AND adblock? Does it negatively impact battery life?

OS Builds

There looks to be a fair few Pixel phones available to buy with iOS preloaded. How come I cannot download the same builds and flash to a pixel?

Will the pixel 4a become an official device as it is supported by LOS as official?

Is iOS available as OTA updates with an unlocked bootloader?

IF the Pixel 4a were to become official can the bootloader be locked again?

OS specific question

Due to restrictions I must use the “2 button gesture” with swapped back button. LOS has this feature, does that mean iOS does too? As highlighted below:


Maybe, don’t know Adaway

No. only pre-installed List.
If an app connects to a site/host which is blocked or allowed by the filter list, it can be unblocked or blocked for this app or globally. But no white/black list files available

No VPN. integrated into the system. vpn keeps free for other vpn services. you can add additional firewalls which are vpn based like personaldnsfilter, trackercontrol, etc…or any other vpn service
the iodé firewall has nearly zero battery impact

yes, pre-installed or installable via sideload

don’t know


yes, pixel phones support it


as long the pix 4a is not officially suported you can try @petefoth personal build and give it a try

Thank you for the answers and link to build