Some questions regarding iode

Hey guys I have some questions regarding the iode project:

  1. For the fairphone 4, if the manufacture stopped pushing support/updates, would the iode project continue to support fairphone 4? If so for how many years later?
  2. Are there any software iode uses/pushes which is closed source (maybe possible your adblocker for example)? If so what apps/features are they? Are you guys transparent as to what changes you guys make?
  3. Does it work well with fairphone 4? Is there anything that is broken, slowness etc?
  4. Does iodeOS have its own privacy permissions (such as access to camera etc) while addtionally having a privacy permission to deny an app from Internet access as I remember cyanogenmod used to have this?
  5. Does it have root support out of the box? If not then do I have to install magisk and would this prevent OTA updates or something?

As long as possible
Still yet, yes
Most of the users say yes
LOS based and the blocker app

Best would be, you try it

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To be a bit more verbose than @AlphaElwedritsch :wink: :
1- At least something like 4 years, which more or less corresponds to the availability of security patches from AOSP. Probably much longer, because generally custom rom development does not stop for that reason : newer android versions are ported to old devices. FP2 for example is still supported by LineageOS, is 7 years old, and will probably be supported 2/3 years more.
2- We’re now fully open source.
3- The main drawback: wide angle lens does not work. All the rest seems to be ok, but as a developer of the rom I may not be the most objective…
4- There’s a firewall now in Android Settings, and as a complimentary tool a firewall implemented in the iodé app which behaves slightly differently.
5- Rooting is possible, but not supported by us. Generally this does not break anything, but it could, of course.

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Hey mate thanks for your response :slight_smile:

WHat about performance wise though?

Oh ok that is nice :slight_smile:

In my opinion it should be supported by default

Oh so like is this something Google has implemented now?

Also how does it compare to Calyxos as I am not too sure?

Just for understanding: This is not caused by iodéOS. The camera problems exist in all custom roms and have to be solved by Fairphone.

Not at all. It works in /e/OS open camera

  1. As i know because of a cooperation between murena and fairphone
  2. Its just open camera. Not the best one

So that means now any custom rom such as iode should be able to work properly with the camera?

I rather suppose that the super wide angle camera on /e/ with open camera only works because they installed it as a system app and gave the relevant permissions. This is in my opinion only a workaround and not a real and long-term solution. This means that the 3rd-party apps installed by the normal user still can’t use the super wide-angle camera. As you write, open camera does not take the best pictures. Many would therefore like to install a gcam port and are then again faced with the problem of the unusable super wide-angle camera.

On the other hand, as long as Fairphone still has no time to solve the camera problems, open camera is of course better than nothing. :slightly_smiling_face: Anything that works with 3rd-party apps can be done with a gcam port to get better photos. Only to be able to use the super wide angle camera, for example, you then use open camera. From there it was a good idea of you to look over on /e/. :slightly_smiling_face:

@vince31fr Could iodé also make open camera as a system app including the relevant permissions? That would help fairphoners a lot as a temporary workaround. :slightly_smiling_face: However, I suppose you wouldn’t do that with gcam ports (Wichaya, Nikita, BigKaka), would you? I know it’s such a thing with gcam ports. I would understand that of course, but I can still ask. :wink:

If Fairphone someday finds time to solve the camera problems, then any 3rd-party app installed by the user should be able to use all cameras and all camera functions both on the stock rom of fairphone and on all custom roms. Until then, it can currently only use the stock camera app on the stock rom of fairphone or (partially) open camera on /e/.

The problem generally exists since Android 11, because Google has changed something. The solution of the problems could be partly with the proprietary blobs. And a large part seems to be related to the SYSTEM_CAMERA issue. Because the wide angle camera and the TOF sensor are not system cameras, you can’t use them. This is a little explained in the fairphone forum:

Also adding that Info here: Apps need SYSTEM_CAMERA permissions to access the full feature set. This is only possible for apps on the system partition with correct permissions. Therefore app like Camera2 API Probe cannot see all features.

Not sure why it was done that way. Most user friendly way would probably be to drop the SYSTEM_CAMERA requirement.

For custom Roms it should still be possible to grant that permission and access all features.

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