Some ideas for future functionalities to add to IodeOS


I’m using a IodeOS device for more than a year now and I’m fully satisfied.
But there are some interesting features I think are currently missing, maybe they could be added in the future.

  • find my phone: there are some apps on F-DROID (for example “finder”) that respond to SMS localization requests from trusted phones. A more general approach could use a server side implementation and the possibility to access via browser from a computer.

  • lock and erase the phone remotely: even in this case there is an application on F-DROID (“wasted”) that works in a similar way via SMS. The implementation could follow the same pattern described before.

  • VPN (or private relay)

  • Email with multiple alias Since I trust IodeOS I would be sure my emails are fully protected.

All These features could be part of an optional paid service provided by IodeOS and well integrated into the OS itself.

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I can only fully support the “find my phone” idea!

With that, you should also be able to change the PIN remotely. Since there is no brute force protection for the PIN (yet), an 8-digit PIN is not secure enough. But more than 8 digits is not practical. If you could remotely change the PIN from 8 digits to 32 digits in an emergency, that would help. But of course only if you can reach the smartphone.

In the long run, brute force protection for the PIN would of course be better.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions, that are very relevant. We have other priorities actually, but we’ll think about that in the future. We are already thinking about the last two ones, and it’s a good point to see that some user would already be interested.

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