[SOLVED in a weird way] A52s 5g Bootloop - Iodé 4.10

I needed to completely reinstall iodé on my Samsung A52s 5G.
I just installed the image with TWRP and wiped Dalvik/Cache but it goes in bootloop.
It starts correctly , gives the iode welcome page but then it restarts in loop.

Any suggestion ?
Shall I wipe something else?


----- Reply
I have solved the issue but the solution seems strange to me.

  1. I have installed a copy of LineageOS (20.0202307 09-nightly…signed) and wiped cache and data.
  2. restarted the phone and gone just through the few initial steps of Lineage initial setup
  3. rebooted in TWRP and installed the iodé 4.1
  4. restarted and voilá . Iodé works like a charm

Why ? God knows.

Best regards