[Solved] FP4 Any way back to stock and relock after iodé 4.1?

I picked up lots of tips and advice around this topic on the Fairphone and iodé community forums which so far has enabled safe flashing of my FP4. I’ve also posted this topic on the Fairphone forum.

I initially installed iodé 4.1-20230401 fastboot zip (all very good) then tried going back to stock with FP OS version FP4.SP21.B.048 from their manual installation instructions webpage.

Phone automatically rebooted when flashed.

Security patch Level of iodé was March, FPOS February and fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability =0.

I removed reboot from the flashing script and edited the shasums file in order to flash again without reboot at the end.
Before flashing I erased the iodé avb_custom_key.
Checked the unlock_ability before rebooting, still=0.

Updating OTA to SP25.B.058 with March security patch makes no difference. The phone boots into FPOS ok but unlock_ability =0.

I’m now hoping Fairphone will make full factory image available on their Manual Installation page sometime soon and I’ll give that a try.

Is it possible to go back to stock and relock? Has anyone done it?

Yes it is possible, I have done it. See my topic on Fairphone community forum.