[SOLVED] 5.2 update makes audio apps crash

I have used iode’ for years on a Sony XZ3 phone with relatively no problems till the latest update to 5.2. I have found that some audio apps like AntennaPOD and Substack trigger the entire system to freeze and flash the lockscreen for about 30 seconds until it reboots the phone. Sometimes it is able to cleanly go back into iode’ but other times it goes into a boot recovery screen and needs to try again with the message that it will reset the system if that does not work (fortunately no system reset has happened yet). That’s the best description I can give and don’t know if there is an error log somewhere.

What I’ve done with both apps is uninstalled and re-installed but the same problem persists. It only happens in Substack when I have it read articles. In AntennaPOD I tried 2 different app versions and they both do it when audio starts playing.

Any ideas on how to get around this would be appreciated! :smiley:


Lots of stuff crashes…for me its whatsapp…

I see I’m not alone! :smiley:

These are the stable apps I’ve been using:

Mull web browser is stable. Skip the apps when possible and use a web browser.

VLC is stable to stream and play local music.

For safe and encrypted messaging I use XMPP with the conversations app from f-droid which is stable as well.

Breezy weather and weather channel apps are stable.

What surprised me is that I have 2 audio apps that don’t crash the system. The first is just audio that streams radio-America Outloud. The second is audio and video TV streams-KlowdTV.

Rise Up VPN app is stable also.


Got it working. It is a shelter problem. Move problem apps to your personal profile!* :smiley:*