Smart watch?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you are considering to integrate smart watches into your supported devices list.

I’ve been considering to get (any) one for a while now. But when considering the privacy consequences that come with a stock device I always neglected the idea.
Also a refurbished one would probably do as well.

Don’t think that this will happen. Iode is based on Lineage OS and there is no wear OS lineage project I’m aware of


I’m using the application gadgetbridge (from F-droid) with my mi-band 5.
It supports several smartwatches, everything is local.

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Sounds interesting. I’ll have a closer look at it, thanks!

I use the Garmin Connect app with my Garmin watches (currently Fenix 6S Solar, several others previously). It has always worked fine with IodéOS, and with other Open Source ROMs (/e/OS, lineage4microg)

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I’ve been wondering if one could also get a regular stock watch without its own cellular of wifi connection and block its companion app on the phone from any network connection.

If we have anyone here who is doing that, could you comment here if that’s working?

I used for a while the original Zepplife app with my miband5.
It’s possible to configure it so that it stores data only locally (but you should trust it since it is closed source).
The application connects continuously to the Internet, if you block it, it wouldn’t work.
You can block only selected api, but finding the right configuration is complicated.
That’s why I decided to switch to gadgetbridge.