Sim-Manager keeps crashing on FP5 (no microG)

I recently installed iodé on my FP5 with the windows installer. I did not install microG.
Now I get error messages ~every 3 mins that the SIM manager crashed.
Soon I will visit another country and might the eSIM option for which I understand the SIM-Manager will be needed.
Everything else seems fine so far. Bootloader is locked.
Any advice on how to solve this?

(BTW: I cannot use / create the tag fairphone5 apparently when creating this topic which might have been useful.)

An OTA is available today. Maybe it will solve your issue ?

:confused: unfortunately not. Even installed full microG services and it still keeps crashing. Any next steps to try?:confused:
Also, e.g. the app Freenow still does not work

I also do not have the section for microG in the systems section where I can configure it for e.g. notifications (as described in FAQs). Seems a bit weird

At some point I had microG for iode from f-droid installed but reinstalled it again. Not sure if that makes a big difference

I completely reinstalled it now and it works like a charm since