SIM Manager from Google LLC

Aurora store is showing an update for SIM Manager from Google LLC. The app needs 21 permissions and includes 1 tracker (firebase analytics).
Does Iodé need this app? How to uninstall if not?
If it is necessary for the phone, what about the permossions and the tracker?
And last but not least, should I update?

Put it on the ignore list
Don’t deinstall it

Put it on the ignore list
Don’t deinstall it

So is it - and it’s updates - shipped as part of IodéOS? (Genuine question - I honestly don;t know the answer).

If not, then it’s probably not a good idea to keep running old versions.

Will be updated by the LOS source of iode

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I’ve looked into iodé app and saw that SIM-manager app had traffic only under All Time. So maybe it was once when I started the phone the first time with the SIM inserted.
Mike Kuketz wrote in his blog under chapter 3.3 that an app “carrier settings” connected to google servers to get settings for the modem and the provider including apn settings.
He also wrote, that DivestOS, CalyxOS amd GrapheneOS removed this app without any problems.
So my question @Antoine: is SIM Manager the same app as Mike Kuketz discribed and is it possible to remove it from iodéOS in an upcoming update, because I cannot remove nor deactivate it.

Thanks in advance.

My take on it is iodeOS needs nothing from aurora store so I blacklist any suggested updates for apps unless I have installed them from aurora myself.

Sim manager on iode 5.1 , pixel 8 is Version D.2.1.597225036-google

There are also other related google euicc apps in system apps. They are for managing esims .

Calyx has the app named different, but you can see some info here