Ship the OS with a working TTS

Hi iode team,

any change you can ship the OS with some working TTS installed in the future?

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You can use Google’s Speech Services from the Aurora Store.
Download all the languages ​​you need for Offline speech recognition (or download all the available ones straight away, because this will probably no longer be possible later).
Then block Google Speech services completely using the Iode Blocker app (network blocking for all networks - complete blocking). You need therefore the Iode Blocker Premium, to set blocking individually.
This allows you to use speech recognition offline, with - Text to Speech - and - Speech to Text - .

No really. Blocking network traffic on NIC level can also be done in app settings

It seems that works, thanks for the tip.

Btw: It appears one can block most apps through settings, but I wasn’t able to find the Speech Service there, only in the iode blocker.

On my One+ 9pro the google tts does not work. It crashes the system settings dialog, if I try to set it up for the first time.

eSpeak works, but not very smooth.

/e/OS meanwhile comes with Pico TTS which works better than eSpeak.

Settings - Apps - Speech recognition - Mobile Data … - Network …