Shelter and iodé-blocker

Is there any way to have the iodé-blocker inside shelter, to limit spying apps like WhatsApp even further?
I have installed shelter, but it seems that the iodé-blocker doesn’t work for apps inside shelter.

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The blocker works phone-wise, regardless of users/profiles/…
However, it displays statistics only for apps installed in the user/profile.
So : you have to clone Iode app inside shelter to see statistics of the apps you have installed inside only in shelter.
However, it is one aspect of the blocker we still have to work on: the statistics reported in the blocker aggregate all instances of each app. If you install an app in both your normal profile and your shelter profile, and clone Iode app in shelter, you’ll see the same numbers in both instances of the Iode app for that particular app.


Really good to know!

I have WhatsApp only in the shelter, so it doesn’t show up in the statistics, but it is “protected” by the blocker, right?

No, it will show up in both iode Apps, even it is running only in work profile. BUT it will only blocked by the iode App installed in Work Profile

Now I am confused, as I understood @vince31fr the other way round: it will block the unwanted traffic regardless whether the app is installed in work profile or private profile.

OK Yuri, I was wrong.
I have now read through Vince’s contribution 10 more times. Piece by piece and have now understood.

The iode app works system-wide. It blocks everything. No matter whether in the private or in the work profile.
Already good.

But if you have an app (Whatsapp) installed only in the work profile, then you will not see any statistics from Whatsapp in the iode app if it is installed only in the private profile. But it does block.

If you want to see the statistics of Whatsapp, then you have to clone the iode app in Shelter. Then you can see the stats in the iode app. In the one that is installed in the work profile.

But if you have installed an app (example browser app) in both profiles and cloned the iode app. Then in both iode apps all statistics of the browser app are displayed cummulated. So identical in both.
This is what the developers want to change. That only the stats of the browser app of the respective profile are displayed in the respective iode app.

For you in particular:
Whatsapp in the work profile is already blocked. If you want to see what, then you have to clone the iode app. But only for that. Whatsapp is not displayed in the iode app in the private profile because it is not installed there.

I think it’s good that the iode app runs system-wide and also in Shelter blocks everything by default according to block lists. That you have to clone only because of the statistics. But the protection is there from the outset.
This is not possible with TrackerControl and Blokada so.

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Thank @FairphoneHulk for your reformulation, maybe clearer :wink:
And yes, we still have to think about statistics : separate by profile, or keep them cumulated.
In all cases, there will be that limitation: it won’t be possible to display statistics in one profile for an app which is only installed in the other profile – or at least it would require really heavy modifications in both the backend and the UI, for a very limited benefit.
And, happy to know that this is another advantage of our approach :wink: