Share your iodé pictures!

Hi all!

I hope you all enjoyed your summer. I personally took 10 refreshing days off in Northern Norway!

We often get asked how is the camera quality like with iodéOS.
While it is true the lack of proprietary bits of software on an Open Source OS like iodéOS can deteriorate the camera quality from stock Android, photos on iodéOS can still defend themselves pretty well in my opinion…
How about this one taken from Norway with a Samsung Galaxy S9!

I’m sure many of you hold pretty nice shots in their gallery! This is the place to share them :slight_smile:


Well, I haven’t taken many shots yet on my Pixel 7a (unofficial) but snapped this to try and identify a butterfly. Not very crisp but I can tell you it’s a Gatekeeper butterfly in Reading,UK.

Camera is a gcam port:

EDIT, 8 Sept: I’ve stopped using that port because I couldn’t get the ultrawide lens detected. Tried a few more from the GCamHub but ran out of steam and settled for Graphene’s Secure Cam as a temporary solution. Let’s see how it goes…


Good idea @Antoine

pixel 5 redfin original iodés aperture camera

@ Palatinate Forest, Germany

@ Island of Borkum, Germany


@Cathedral, Palma de Mallorca

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Me in relaxed position :joy:


Balmaha Scotland, iodé standard camera (open camera), I believe this shot was taken while also taking a video


Im Mühlental zwischen Garda und Costermano östlich des Gardasees.

Fotografiere mit meinem One+ 9pro mit Aperture und bin sehr zufrieden, weil alle Kameraoptionen unterstützt werden. Das funktioniert beim S9+ leider bis heute nicht und war der Grund für den Wechsel zum S10+ und nun zum One+ 9pro


A couple of photos taken a year ago using Panorama mode in Open Camera, with iodéOS on my Fairphone 3+.