SD card fails after 1 or 2 days since last upgrade

Hi everyone,

I have had an SD card in my phone for a couple of weeks already. Ever since installing the recently published OS upgrade, my SD card access ceases to work after one or two days.

I get a notificaron like “Problems with SD card by SanDisk”. When clicking it it will only let me reformat it.

Physically removing the card and reinserting it does NOT help, but rebooting the phone does every time.
From then on the card will work flawlessly (for a day or two).

Am I the only one suffering from this?
The fact that reinserting does not help, but a reboot does makes me lean more to a software bug.

Background: The card is not encrypted. Also there haven’t been any writing operations (apart from what the OS may have been doing).

I experience the same. Not this frequency but let’s say each week. Reboot works but this should not be the solution.
I am using a galaxy s 9 btw

Please open an issue at Issues · iode / ota · GitLab and provide a logcat.

Done: SD card fails reoccuringly since installing (#52) · Issues · iode / ota · GitLab

But I wasn’t able to provide a logcat.