Samsung S9 update 2.6 -> 2.7: virtual keyboard missing for unlock the encryption


beside me only one hass made the same experience?

Reported 3 days ago here:


Same here and I don’t have usb keyboard, I think I will have to dug out my old Sony with Google, that sucks

Same problem for me. :frowning:
Any recommendation how to deal with it?

We are investigating the issue. It will probably require to install a new build via adb.

Following pbieringIODE, I got me a USB-C OTG cable, connected my USB keyboard to my S9 and in this way managed to enter my pin. Afterwards, the S9 started as usual.

However, apart from the missing virtual keyboard during start-up, I also noticed another issue that you may want to check. As the pre-installed apps are concerned, I had removed a number of them under iode 2.6. However, all these apps where listed with their icons in the apps finder overview (the one that opens when you swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen) after I had installed iode 2.7. When trying to remove them again in the display of the pre-installed apps only “re-installation” was offered, but not “removal”. And when selecting “re-installation” and re-starting the S9, the “pre-installed app” screen still reported that these apps will be installed at the next re-start.

Maybe this information helps to narrow down the root cause.

BTW: I have TWRP 3.6.2_9-0 and Magick-v25.2 installed.

Looking forward to the fix & regards

A hotfix build (build number 20221024) has been published for all samsung 9 devices running iodéOS v2. They must be sideloaded by adb, or installed via the updater if possible.
For starlte (S9) : Release iodéOS 2.x for Samsung Galaxy S9 (starlte) · iodeOS/ota · GitHub
For star2lte (S9+) : Release iodéOS 2.x for Samsung Galaxy S9+ (star2lte) · iodeOS/ota · GitHub
For crownlte (Note 9) : Release iodéOS 2.x for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (crownlte) · iodeOS/ota · GitHub

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Can confirm unlock during boot is working again! Thank you very much!

Est-il possible d’avoir un tuto détaillé quand on n’a pas accès à son téléphone. N’ayant pas de clavier, je ne peux pas le déverrouiller.
Dans le lien donné il y a plusieurs versions, celles déposées aujourd’hui concerne la 2.7 alors que j’étais en train d’installer la 2.6, je ne sais même pas quoi choisir ni à quoi les différents fichiers correspondent.
J’aimerais retrouver vite mon téléphone, merci :slight_smile:

in case you have no USB keyboard you have to follow the base instructions shown here: iodéOS installation - iodé

But this requires at least USB cable to connect your phone to your PC (and “adb” tools) - also unsure whether this works in case of phone is not already “developer” mode at all.

Don’t you have any option nearby your location to temporary borrow (for just 1 minute) an USB-C ToGo cable (usually USB-C male to USB-A female adapter would already work) and a keyboard for entering the PIN and boot the phone? Then you can run via WiFi the online update and all is fine afterwards.

Potentially instead a direct USB cabled keyboard connection also Wireless Keyboard with receiver will work.


Thanks for the quick hotfix. I have successfully run an OTA update and now the missing virtual keyboard has re-appeared so that I could unlock my S9 without an external USB keyboard again. It seems to me that this keyboard now also offers the haptic feedback, I was asking for a while ago. Also the behavior of the pre-installed and partly removed apps is now consistent.


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Thanks for the help.
I tried adb but my phone was not recognised.
I got help from a store who connected me a keyboard and I was able to do the update.
Everything works fine now but I won’t rush the next update!

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Ok so this is a happy end :wink:
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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