Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) does not boot into recovery

First of all, hello to all the experts here,

I am very happy with iodeOs and already use it on the Sony Xperia XZ3 and on the Pixel 4. Now I would like to flash it on a Samsung Galaxy A5. But I have the following problem:

  • with the key combination Vol down+Home+Power I can’t get into the download mode
  • I can work around this with < adb reboot download >
  • the device boots directly into download mode
  • the command < heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img > is also executed successfully
  • after flashing directly I press the buttons Vol up+Home+Power and the device boots normally into the Stock Rom
  • with the additional command < --no-reboot > the progress bar stops a few pixels before the end
  • with the command < adb reboot recovery > shows error: no devices/emulators found
  • but with the key combination Vol down+Home+Power I can then exit the download mode

It looks like the key combinations have no effect on my device.
The latest stock firmware is installed. OEM and USB debugging are activated.

Do you have any idea how I could solve the problem?
Many thanks and best regards

Not directly
You can use risepad for example

Thanks for your tip. I have linked the document. I hope it´s useful.

So you have a defective volume-down button, it seems, right?
I have put custom ROM’s on multiple A5’s and they all booted fine in download-mode.
With Odin 3.13 in Windows putting a custom recovery on them is done in a few minutes. Also I recommend TWRP as custom recovery. You can load any ROM from there (put the ZIP on microSD) including Iodé.
Of course OEM-unlock should be switched on in developer settings.


Thanks for your answer, Kees.

Yes, I now know that the home button is damadge. But the problem without homebutton, i cant start the recovery after loading it. I will repair it and try again soon.


Oh, it’s the home-button…
Have your tried TWRP? Because if you’re coming from stock-ROM it interrupts the booting without any buttons needed.



No, I used the “Recovery from Iodé” download link. So I’ll try TWRP first.

PS: But a non-functional home button isn’t nice to use either.