Samsung A5 - Charging problems

Hi & bonjour a tous,

when I attach the charger it happens that the phone is not charged.
After rebooting (and leaving the cable plugged) the charging procedure starts as expected
(so it should not be a hardware problem?). Cable and charger work without problems with other devices.
Anybody experienced similar problems with an A5 and iode 2.9?
Merci beaucoup!

I don’t know the A5 and cannot remember the old 2.9
But is there and have you configured any smartcharging options, that will prevent charging?
/settings/batterie/smart charging

Yes, I was very happy that smart charging is implemented - so I enabled it.
But I set the upper limit to 85% and the low trigger to 20% - so this should not prevent the charging when the battery is at 45 %.
I just experienced again: charging did not work @45% - then after a reboot it did work …

Can you tell me the purpose of “Start Trigger Level” (default: 60)?

The behavior is perfectly fine

With your values, the battery only starts charging below 20% and stops at 85%.
If your battery has 45% left, there is no reason to start charging.
Except for a reboot and connected charger. Then, regardless of the lower trigger level, the battery is charged up to the upper trigger level.
There are a number of factors to consider in the implementation of Smartcharging.
Simply paying attention to the lower and upper value is not comprehensive.

Thank you!
Setting the lower level to 20% was the problem - with your eplanation the default setting 60% makes sense.
Smart charging is a feature implemented by iode?
I didn’t find this in my other LOS devices …

It’s not a general LOS feature. It’s implemented by iodè

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