S10e downgraded from 4g+ to LTE

I have been using my samsung galaxy s10e with iodé since 2022 at least. In the last year (but I don’t remember when exactly), the connectivity downgraded from 4G+ to LTE. 4G+ is not an option anymore, but it was before. At first I thought it was an issue with my provider, but it turns out the same sim card works with 4G+ on different phones, even with iodé.
Has someone had the same issue, or does have a hint at what the problem could be? Should I just report a bug?

4G+ is LTE, or rather it’s another name (or ‘marketing speak’) for the same thing: see this article

The article says 4G+ is the same as LTE advanced. I think what I have right now is the older LTE, the only other option in the settings being 3G. For some reason before this I always had the indication “4G+”, so I guess there is a difference.