Rotation and proximity sensors not working?

Hi everyone!
I’m Pol Rojas, from Barcelona on a Fairphone 3+

Recently I updated from 4.1 to 4.2, every worked fine until a couple of days when I noticed that suddenly the proximity sensor were not working, neither the rotation, or automatic brightness.

It is strange, because this morning after rebooting it worked back, and now it failed again.

I was thinking in downgrading to 4.1 to check if it’s a problem from the update, but is there a way to do so without losing apps and data?

Thanks for any thoughts!

This won’t be authorized by the iodéOS recovery, and is very risky. It may, and probably will, break everything.
A system update will be available very soon: you should try it. But it may also be a hardware issue…

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Hi ! Thanks for your work on iode, I’m just letting know that I have the same issue on my FP3+. It appeared a few weeks/couple months ago, I’d say after a system update, but can’t say for sure; maybe installing iode 4.7 ?
Anyway I now have the same issue : no proximity sensors, no rotation, no auto brightness.
Phyphox app says there’s no such captors on the phone
Service menu seems to be not working on iode (*#*#66#*#*)
I reboot my phone almost every day but it never works
There seem to have something to try here related to SELinux but it needs root which I haven’t
It’d be weird to be a hardware failure (all those sensors at the same time?)

Would you have some idea of a workaround ?
Thanks in advance !