Right speaker corrupet

I have got a sound problem rough with my sony xz2 by last updating 4.7 can any one help me

That’s tricky to know. There are various Speaker Test apps available on Aurora Store that may help you diagnose or fix the problem.

But It is happened after updating immediately

Well, if it is the latest release causing the issue it should be expected to hear more from other users with the same problem.

You say it is the right speaker with a “rough” sound. Would you say that was crackling or static like sound? What scenarios does it happen in? Playing music player app? Playback on web browser? I don’t know much about this, but if it was me I would be looking to try as many different playback methods as possible to see if a difference could be noticed with one of them.

It does happen sometimes for hardware faults to coincide with updating.

All media I tried there is sound but too bad only on right speaker should I re update the last version

have you ever looked there?

Yes, and l have to use only left one only which make sound low

It is now striped working at all

It is broken down as I think and stopped working

Sounds like hardware. The speaker started breaking down and then finally broke down. I’ve taken apart an XZ2 Compact before and I can tell you it is very difficult. I was replacing battery. I ruined the display so had to buy another one of those as well.

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How can I reupdate v4. 7

You could try a local update by downloading the latest akari zip file from iode (not the fastboot zip) to your phone download folder. Then open the updater app, go to 3 dot menu and select local update. If it proceeds it will install just like a normal OTA update.

Thanks deer