Review and feedback

Hi Iodé team,
It bas been now 3 weeks that I installed the IODE custom ROM. It is a daily use OS and perfect for privacy.
Simple to install also. Sincerly it is a very good job. Thanks Iodé team.
The application chosen are privacy oriented.
I have noticed some features that you can add or maybe they are already on your lists priorities :

  • Application running un background even if they has been closed. I am using greenify app to force app to close. I guess it will be good to have an Iode feature for that.
  • having the possibility to blocks mores API requests. I have that you are already working on it.

Happy to help if needed
Have a good day

Hi and thank you for your input!
Apps can be restricted to be using battery in background (from battery usage settings)
Does Greenify do the same thing?

Hi Antoine,
What greenify do is identify the application that run in background then they force them to stop.
Thank you