Remove exif data from screenshot

I just noticed that there is some exif information in the screenshot metadata, such as screenshot time, system version number and a Image Unique ID( I’m not sure if this will have privacy issues ) . I know there are some apps can remove exif data from picture when sharing, but I would prefer to see iode as a privacy-friendly os not saving these exif information by default.

took a screenshot and getting not more then this in EXIF

what do you mean? do you have a screenshot as an example, too? with the data, you think it will saved…

I get the following result with exiftool

ok, i didn’t looked that deep inside…

but i think it will be hard, nearly impossible to change this
it is the default LOS screenshot functuonality, iodé is using.

means, they have to rewrite it, or implement a own “fork”

costs time and ressources and i think it is not that privacy issue which would justify the effort.

especially since there are enough tools that remove the metadata before sharing the image

ok, thanks for your reply.