Remote control by governments [EN/FR]

Hello everyone.
Recently, the french government announce a new law authorizing a camera and microphone remote control by the police. For now they are saying that this system will only be done on “specific cases” I can’t trust they will not expand the range of surveillance in a near future
Having iodeOS on my phone, I was wondering if you knew if this control could be done on this OS (or on any custom rom) and if not, if you knew any option to protect my privacy ?

Bonjour tout le monde.
Le gouvernement a récemment annoncé la mise en place d’une loi autorisant l’activation des micros et camera de nos smartphone a distance. Pour le moment la justification c’est que ça servira que dans “certains cas” mais j’y crois pas trop pour les années a venir, surtout depuis qu’ils essayent de faire passer le chiffrement pour un acte de terrorisme.
Je me demandais si vous saviez si ce contrôle a distance pouvait être effectué sur cet OS (ou sur n’importe quelle custom ROM) et, si ce n’est pas le cas, si vous connaissiez une option pour mieux protéger ma vie privée ?

D’avance merci.

Thanks for sharing.

What a bizarre legislation!

I’m curious as to how they want to implement this in practice . Currently most people think there are only Google or Apple as a choice for phones & this de-facto duopoly from Google / Apple could enable disproportional laws like the one you’ve mentioned. However we know there are other niche options, such as Iodé (built upon Android), PostmarketOS (Linux), Ubuntu Touch (Linux), Manjaro with Plasma Mobile (Linux) and also plenty of basic, non smart-phones from all kinds of suppliers.

While the general populace would be surveilled for nothing, criminals could easily circumvent this law by 1) not using mobile phones anymore 2) buy / create their own custom hardware & software or 3) buy phones abroad. For instance a Pine Phone with Manjaro Plasma Mobile.

I’m curious if this law is even allowed in a EU context.

I don’t see how this could be possible without the complicity of phone vendors / system developers, or sophisticated piracy techniques. At least, it won’t go unnoticed in Android source code. I don’t think one should worry about that yet. I think it’s actually just a legal authorization, implementing it is another question.

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