Relocking FP4 bootloader clarification

Hello everyone,

Before doing any mistake I come to you to clarify a question I have about relocking the Fairphone 4 (build 20230905) bootloader.

For now I don’t have installed iode OS and don’t have flashed any avb_custom_key. When I do fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability I have (bootloader) get_unlock_ability: 0. So now if I install iode OS will have the possibility to relock de bootloader by flashing the avb_custom_key or not ?


Of you get furthermore 0 after iodeOS installation and custom key installation, you cannot relock your bootloader.

This cannot be said reliably before installation

Thank you AlphaElwedritsch,

Just to add information:

After unlocking the bootloader of my FP4, fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability returns (bootloader) get_unlock_ability: 1. So I follow all iodé instructions and use de script and relock my bootloader and all works perfectly fine. I can now use iode with my bootloader locked and I’m pleased with the OS.

Thank you for your work.

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