Recommended camera app

anybody can recommend an alternative for OpenCamera?
I begin to like my Samsung A5 with iode but the qualitiy of the photos is horrible.
Tried already installing a Gcam version but this crashes with iode …

On celsoazevedo’s gcam mod site, i read for the A6 that only Gcam GO mods will work.
I think it’s the same for the A5.
Have you tried one of the GO mods? Maybe also a problem on newer android versions…


Thx a lot :slight_smile:
I installed the Camera Go app and it works fine.

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fine, and picture quality is better now? are you satisfied?

Quality is by far better, but this is easy since OpenCamera’s results were so bad.
I use my phone mainly for communication - so making perfect photos is not my focus.
But for now I am happy and appreciate your kind support :slight_smile:

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What was so bad about the Open Camera app?
Because I 'm using it myself on an A5 and I never had more possibilities then with Open Camera.
Beware! There is a bug / incompatibility issue with the 2 versions above 1.49.2 (1.50.1 & 1.51.1) on the A5 which causes a way too green picture.
Tested with 2 different A5’s on different OS’s. (LOS14.1 & Iodé OS 2.8/2.9)

I tried the latest version available on F-Droid: 1.51.1-iode.10.
The problem: pictures are extremely dark (at least with default settings).
With the alternatives “Kamera” and “Camera Go” I don’t have this problem.