Real Backup needed


with new updates bricking the phones the need for a real low level backup becomes urgent. Since the discussion in 2022 there is no progress on this topic. What is the status on the backup topic?
TWRP recovery had a working backup option i used before every update while using los. Iode has his own recovery that is mandatory for ota updates so now i have to use that and hope the update works and i don’t get locked out of banking and communication.

I kindly ask to make a low level backup option high priority. With the option to activate it from the updater and verify the integrity before applying the update. This would also give the developers peace of mind and a quicker workflow.
According to the TWRP site it is open source, so it should be possible to port the backup part to the iode recovery (if it is also open source).

Maybe introducing a bounty program to finance special funcions could be a option to move the development forward? I would gladly support the efforts with a donation. Maybe others would too.

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Because of the security philosophy of iode, only seedfault is possible.
Discussed many times here. Use search function

And, as has been discussed many times, SeedVault is not a useful or ‘real’ backup solution: fails to backup many apps, and often fails to restore those it has backed up

yes, yes, the never-ending song of backups

Having a backup is good. Not needing a backup is even better.

I have my running data in the (Next)Cloud and follow the progress of a minimal number of apps.

Setting up the phone from scratch therefore takes less than an hour.

I for mayself can live with that very well.

Because of the security philiosphy of the iode project a low level backup is not implemented and not desired.

I appologize for not having found the reason. @AlphaElwedritsch Thank you for clarifying this.
I still faill to see how you sell the ‘… Not needing a backup is even better’ to the person stuck in the bootloop who don’t want to lose his data or the others having bricked thair data with an update.
But when this kind of problems are acceptable to the project so be it.

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Many times discussed still does not equal a satisfying solution has been found. I feel acknowledging significant flaws is relevant. A proper backup solution is badly implemented in android in general but I also remember recovery based backups as handy.
Having seedvault though suggest reassurance where there is none. It might be more honest to not provide this “option” if it can not be trusted anyway.
Alone the amount of apps for me is worth wishing for a proper backup, so that the long reinstall process would be automated at least.