Questions about warranty case and updates kernel + firmware - FP4

I have two questions about the Fairphone 4:

  1. Fairphone gives 5 years warranty on the hardware of the FP4. They allow you to run it with a custom ROM. If you have a warranty claim, they understandably require you to reinstall the stock ROM first. And then send the smartphone to them. How does it work if you bought the FP4 from the iodé shop? If you have a hardware warranty case, do you send it to iodé and iodé takes care of the contact with Fairphone? And after the repair by Fairphone and the reinstallation of iodéOS by iodé, you get the smartphone back from iodé?
    Of course, we hope that a warranty case never occurs! :crossed_fingers:

  2. Does iodé maintain all security updates for the Linux kernel and the firmware for the FP4 as long as they are available?


  1. Yes the warranty is 5 years for the iodé FP4 and we take care of the warranty process including reinstallation of the system.
  2. Short answer: minimum 4+ years support, probably more 6+ years
    Long answer: LineageOS guarantees 4+ years of support for each version on a given device.
    For the FP4 this means that we will maintain security updates for at least 4 years (official minimum LOS support). As the FP4 is a recent device, there will certainly be version upgrades pushing updates for more years to come. Also, even if LOS drops support for a device, this doesn’t mean iodé also drops support.
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to 2.:
I think you are talking about the security updates for Android. Getting them for so long is fantastic, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

The FP4 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G. Qualcomm is expected to offer security updates for this until around autumn 2023. The Linux kernel will probably get security updates for a good year longer. I realise that no one can do anything about the fact that the support periods for these are so short.
I just wanted to know if, at least for this short period, the security updates from Qualcomm and the kernel will be delivered to the FP4 by iodé?

I know that the iodé team is very busy. But maybe it takes a lot of work off, checking the other ROM’s for updates? Would that help?

If I saw this correctly, the FP3 with LineageOS gets updates for kernel and firmware, as there are enthusiastic developers on the Fairphone forum. I could imagine that this is also true for the FP4. As far as I know, Fairphone also delivers the kernel and firmware updates with their stock ROM. There is a beta of CalyxOS for the FP4. They also take care of updates for kernel and firmware.

Or is the CVE auto-patcher from DivestOS helpful?

Yes, the kernel will be updated longer with security patches

About FP3, our next OTA will be in sync with lineage (latest vendor security patch etc).
About FP4, a beta version based on lineage 19.1 is already tested for more than a month. Feel free to join the beta testing group if you want to contribute ( ).


Right, and stable enough to give the recommendation to use it as daily driver…