Questions about updating

Hi all ! :slight_smile:

I have Samsung S10e which I bought from Iode.

I have updated OS to v. 2.3.

Because everything is working now, I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t update at all and take a risk that OTA update fails and I have to reset to the factory settings. Or some bug or new feature comes around and some app doesn’t work anymore.

Some questions about this topic:

  • How safe are OTA updates, when using a phone, bought and pre-installed from Iode? If I keep updating, is it just a matter of time when something breaks?

  • What if OTA update fails and breaks my system? Is there a step-by-step instruction available for a non-techie, how to operate then?

  • Is there a possibility to go back to previous OS version, if new version doesn’t work properly?

  • Is updating required for microG to work in the long run? Or does it update itself, even if OS is not updated?

  • Will I miss something other important, which can affect apps compatibility, if I don’t update OS?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :slight_smile:


  1. every OTA update is first tested internally @iodé & by beta tester volunteers for a few days until all lights are green; then sent to all users.
    We exceptionally withdrawn our last OTA as a precaution (from april) as we had 2 users reported OTA failures & are investigating where the issue comes from. If you want to make sure an OTA is absolutely safe, you can wait a few days after it is published and then install it.

  2. If you purchase the phone from us, you are under guarantee. We can take the phone back to reinstall the system, or help you with the reinstallation if you wish to do it instead

  3. Each OTA should be as stable as the previous version. If there were an issue we did not spot, we would build new beta versions and when stable, publish a new OTA.

  4. MicroG can be partially updated through our F-Droid repository without needing an OS update, but sometimes a full OS update is needed.

  5. OS updates bring monthly security patches as well as full apps updates; I highly recommend making OTA updates.


Thanks Antoine!

If I would update let’s say every 6 months, is it possible to update for example from 2.3 to 2.6 without updating first 2.4 and 2.5? Or is it mandatory or safer to install every update, one by one?

I use Bromite browser and Fairemail so my daily apps keep up to date pretty well without constantly updating os. I can not afford to brick my phone, so I’m figuring out the best strategy for updating. Maybe I schedule them on a holiday season, when I have more time to tinker, if something breaks.

What about this going to back to previous version? Is it possible? It think old updates remain visible in the update app?

Is there a possibility to go back to previous OS version, if new version doesn’t work properly?

Unfortunately OTA updates did not go so well for me. I ran into the same problem with iode and /e/os on different phones:
The first OTA update after a new installation works.
The second OTA update hangs, but the old version still works.
One of the next OTA attempts crashes the system.

Which phone?


I also have a Samsung S10e and I haven’t had any problems with updates so far.
I wait a couple of days (as Antoine suggested) and look if some bugs or problems where described for my phone with the newest version of iodé.