Question about Updating Recovery with iode Updater

In the iode Updater App, there is an option:
“Update Recovery” that is per default disabled.
Under what circumstances does it make sense to enable this.
Does it make sense to activate this in general?

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recovery will normaly not updated at each OS update
you can let it switched on
if there will be a newer recovery it will then be installed (i think so, if it is not activated by admin)

I have it activated in general

I believe Volker mentioned it is switched off by default. So turning it on would override the default.
Has there ever been oby recovery update from iodé?

Sure, but as I know not via OTA updater

Hmm, that would suprise me.
As far as I know you can combine you recovery and ROMs as you want to (within certain limitations).
I would be surprised if iodé invests time in programming a recovery. Especially if they do so and then not distribut it.
Some information from the iodé people would be helpful here, but my gut feeling is that they do not issue their own recoveries.

Iodè has a recovery, based in LineageOS recovery, and limited to they signed files only.

We use LineageOS recovery. As we produce ‘user’ builds, only packages signed by us can be flashed. Depending on the device partitions characteristics (A-only, A/B with or without a dedicated recovery partition), the recovery is forcibly updated or not. When not, it is possible to update it at each system update with the “Update recovery” switch. Unless a particular incompatibility arises, it is not required to update it.

Ok, thanks.
I do use a Samsung S10 bought from iodé directly. Is it advisable to activate the recovery update option? I don’t want to fix what is not broken, if that makes sense;)

It is not needed to update the recovery, retro-compatibility is ensured. At some point in time, a breaking change is still possible, but we’ll take care of that in our update process (by e.g. forcing a recovery update).
We prefer avoid forcing recovery update on devices where it is not mandatory, to let people install and keep another recovery (twrp, orange fox, …).

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As you advise to deactive that option
Give us the best steps should we do while updating