QR code reading issue


On my FP5 with IodeOS 4.9 my Belfius app is working fine with QRcode recognition.
How ever the CBC Mobile app does not detect the QR codes. I don’t know if it is network related (remote API to analyze QR code?) or local app which has an issue with a missing lib or something else.

Any idea to tackle this issue ?

I would have liked to completely disable IodesOS blocking feature to test but I don’t have a premium account and thus does not seem possible. I am not against a premium account but only if the app works ! Otherwise I have all I need with standard protection.

How can I root cause the issue ?



CBC Mobile does not want to provide any support because the app is not installed from playstore … which is correct but I would really like to understand if it’s a Google Play Services missing or a network issue for some remote API doing AI recognition !?