QR code / bar code scanner?


Most Android smartphones rely on the Photo app to scan (and convert) QR codes / bar codes.
But AFAIK, Open Camera has no QR code / bar code module.

Does Iodé include QR code / bar code scanning ability in another App, or should I download an app ?

F-droid has “QR & Barcode Scanner”, “Obsqr”, “QR Scanner (PFA)”, “QRCode & Barcode scanner” and “SecScanQR” among others.
Any opinion about them ?

Thanks !


I use Binary Eye.

Couldn’t tell whether it’s better than any of the others.
Scanns fast and precisely. Looks pretty minimal. Allows you (if you activate it) to see the history of previously scanned codes. Can create codes as well. Can scan codes from stored images.

Really don’t know what else I could possibly be missing.

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Take binary eye from fdroid
Its the best
And has the best zoom function and best copy and paste function

I tried a lot, but this is the best

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Two answers. Both in favour of Binary Eye.
I’ll go for it !

Thanks @agschaid and @AlphaElwedritsch !


I like the cropping tool.
When you have a label with multiple barcodes, you can choose the one you want ! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :wink:

I was aware of the cropping functionality. And know that you explained it is obvious. But I really didn’t know what that was for (didn’t give it much thought before though). Thank you.


I use SecScanQR and it works very well.


Thank you @rom3210 !
Your advice can serve a future reader !

I went for Binary Eye and am happy with it.


I’ve changed from “Binary Eye” to “QR Scanner (PFA)” some time in the past, but have forgotten the reason behind :frowning:

Then its time to change back, why ever… :joy:

I had previously used the QR Scanner (PFA) from SECUSO.
It’s very good.
But the Binary Eye won me over as it’s better in low light and the biggest advantage is that it has a zoom function.
I often went crazy with the QR scanner because you have to go away with your smartphone because you can’t zoom

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Hello. I personally use QR Scanner (PFA). Maybe I should test Binary Eye.