Push notifications of some apps not working


I’ve some applications (in particular bank apps) where push notifications are not working. In the notification settings are enabled of course and I won’t be surprised if it’s something related to micro G blocking something.
Where I can check this thing?

thanks in advance

Hi Tone,
did you activate Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) in the microg options?
Settings >> System >> microG >> Google Device Registration (you need to turn on and register the device once)
And Settings >> System >> microG >> Cloud Messaging turn on “receive push messages” your app should show as registered (at least after a new start of the app).
Then it should work.

Aas i know, and vincent already explained, only new installed apps will register. Not only new started apps.
So, you have to deinstall and install the apps again to register

No, everything is disabled. Can I ask what are the main differences from the privacy point of view?

thanks for the replies