Problems with update / install iodéOS and microG / FakeStore


after an iode update and reboot, a notice to update microG and FakeStore is displayed and by this an Install Error.

Teracube 2e

iodéOS 2.10
Android 11
February 10, 2023
Last checked: February 7, 2024 (23:12)

iodéOS A - 2.19
January 19, 2024
1.1 GB

I had install this update with reboot but it seems it has no effect. The update and install runs few hours.


Install Failed
microG Service Core

FakeStore Installing “FakeStore” …
[progress bar]

microG Service Core

Error installing microG Service Core
Error-7: A previously installed package of the same name has a different signature than the new package (and the old package’s data was not removed).