Problems with LTE and wifi

Hi iode Team,

the iode Rom works fine with my Sony XZ1, the only Problem is that
my phone can’t find any network after flightmodus or after reboot.
Has anyone an idea whats going wrong?
Thank you for the nice Rom! The Rest ist Wirkung perfect for me.

Regards Frank

I had the same problem on my Sony XZ1 but now have an XZ3. My phone would lose my phone data network when I would drive to work and change zip codes. What I did was go into settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network>Preferred Network Type then change to a slower mode like 2G. After about 30 seconds you should see E in the upper right hand of your phone. Then change it back to LTE and hopefully it finds that.

I also had it not automatically connect to WiFi. Just go into settings>Network & Internet>Wi-Fi and tap on your network.

Hope this is helpful!


Hi Marty!
thank you for your help, I changed my sim card to a telefonica card, now it works.

Have a nice weekend