Problems in Iode' 5.1 with Sony XZ3

Well, my Sony XZ3 updated OTA last week to iode’ 5.1 from 4.x. The update went considerably faster that previous updates in iode’ 4.x which was good but it is buggy now. I updated all my apps from Google Play using aurora store and rebooted. I’ve noticed 3 things that are not good.

First is that it won’t connect to a Windows computer anymore. The charging LED doesn’t light unless plugged into the wall.

Second is that it gets very slow when doing 2 things at the same time. Maybe the memory management needs work? If I stream music while typing a text I have problems.

Third is that streams seem to stop when the screen turns off. My solution has been to use the black screen app when listening to music.

Is there anyway to roll back the update to where it was last week?


Not without loosing all your data

ok-hopefully updates will improve things, so I’ll wait!