Problème gps

Depuis peu, j’ai un problème de localisation avec mon GPS: il me localise à plusieurs km de distance.
Je pense le problème vient de micro g.
J’ai installé la dernière version sans succès j’ai réinstallé à plusieurs reprises.
Quelqu’un à une idée ?
Merci d’avance,

English would increase the Chance to get help

Thanks to Firefox Translations because I’m lazy:

Hello, recently, I have a problem with my GPS: it locates me several kilometers away.
I think the problem comes from microg.
I installed the latest version without success I have reinstalled several times.
Someone with an idea?
Thank you in advance,

Two hints
In settings/locations: check use assisted GPS. Uncheck force disable SUPL
In microg settings: Check to have location providers configured

good evening and thank you for your help.
I deactivate SUPPL and AGPS. Then in microG I activated everything in localization.
And as if by magic everything works.
A big thank you to you and especially to Alpha!

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SUPL should be deactivated but AGPS should be activated