Problem with payment solutions


Just installed iodeOS on my Fairphone4 yesterday. Seems good so far.
I am norwegian, and I have some issues. Here in Norway a lot of stuff is dependent on having a Bank-ID app (, this one is in Norwegian I am afraid) interacting with other app based payment solutions. And some of these I simple can`t get to work. Here is a short description of the two problems I have encountered:

  • Vipps ( This is a Norwegian payment solution where you can connect your bank account to the app. The interaction with Bank-id works until at the very end. Her the bank-id is waiting for a return value which never returns, and therefore I cannot connect the app to my bank account.

  • Kolumbus: This is an app for public transport. Here you attach a bank card to the app, and this is the way that one pays for travelling on the bus. Here I can get all the way to communication with the bank to registrer the card, which is where it communicates with Bank-id, and a very simular thing happens, it cannot communicate with the bank, and therefore I cannot get the payment solution up and running.

I have an assumption that this might be because of Iode blocking some cookies or something. I have tried to turn of all blocking, and even inside of the iode browser, and nothing seems to make a difference.

Anybody that has seen something remotely similar, and can point me in the right direction for a solution to this problem. Makes it a bit difficult to have to carry my old Iphone around so that I can pay my bus fares…

Just after I wrote this I saw this Magisk installation (to hide root for bank app) - #10 by iodysseus. Checked with RootBeer as adviced in that thread, and I see that the phone is regarded as rooted, even though the bootloader is locked. Everything seems fine apart from that SE linux flag is enabled. So I pretty sure this is the issue. So now my next step is to see if I can disable SE linux flag with adb. Anyone that knows about this?

Update. I see that there is more info than I anticipated in the link I sent. But it clearly deviated nevertheless so cannot manage to follow the instructions, cannot find the file to edit… So still need help