Problem with AR Services

Hi guys,

I’m trying to use the StreetComplete App with StreetMeasure App, but it keeps crashing on startup. It depends on AR, so I installed Google Play Services for AR from Aurora Store.

What could cause the crash? I emptied cache from AR Services, restarted the device, even unblocked it in the blocker, nothing worked.

Thanks for any hints

device: beyond0lte
os: IodéOS 4.11

Hi Luzi

If you find a solution, I would be interested to know as I have the exact same problem.


Hi ubiode! So far still having the same problem. Maybe someone will look into this if there’s more demand from user to solve this issue.

Maybe it’s LOS or even microG related. :thinking:
Because it didn’t work on several devices running iodé but on S21 with One UI and Play Services it did work out.

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