Pretty Easy Privacy, local encryption?


I tried to find info, does PeP encrypt messages also locally in the phone storage. Did not find answer with google. Do you know, how is the case - can you help me on this one?

Or other suggestions of email apps that encrypt messages locally? :slight_smile:

Your phone is encrypted already in iodé.

Sure it is, but there are still use cases where in-app encryption would be a useful function.

One example, i can’t install iode on my work phone, etc.

It’s not iode its android with encrypted data partition

Another use case is, my parents run google phones. There is still google inside filesystem, if it’s encrypted. In-app encryption would make one privacy layer more. Google propably reads now every email i send them.

Really :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yes really. Or why are you interested in iode and hang around in this forum, if you trust google? :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking:

If one uses google account and its automatic backup, also every readable ascii file goes to their server. Encypted file system protects only attacks from outside.

Tutanota mail app has in-app encryption and it doesn‘t use google notifications, to keep emails private. Nice service if you run google android and cannot degoogle your phone os entirely. People actually pay for the service, which you consider to be laughable.

No idea about pEp.

I like tutanota mail. I am also using XMPP encrypted instant messaging.

The app I use for it is conversations and is free with F-Droid but costs money in the Google play store. I am using conversations in iode’ and have orbot installed as well. U can setup conversations to work with TOR.

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