Power consumption after upgrading to iode 3.0

Power consumption after upgrading to iode 3.0.
Since the upgrade to iode 3.0, the power consumption of the “mobile network” has increased drastically.

Looking in settings - battery - battery usage:
Before upgrade: about 1%-3% in the evening;
Now about 40%-50%.

Can anyone confirm that?

At the moment I am only using the device as a test.
No SIM card is inserted.
Device is Samsung S10e.

I do not observe this behavior on any of my test devices.
Are you connected to wifi ? (it should not harm battery like that…)
Did you install additional apps ?

Can’t confirm this behavior on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (d2s).
I don’t know how much “mobile network” used before the update, but currently it’s ~6% (with 2 sim cards).

I had an app “Average Data Usage Widget” installed. Everything is OK after uninstalling.
The battery life with Android 12 (Iode 3.0) is even significantly better than with Android 11.
Thank you.

All these apps are useless and garbage and mostly spyware.
Thats my opinion :wink:

Your opinion is respected, of course, but it is too sweeping. There are generally different views and opinions about the sense and usefulness of an app.

The app “Average Data Usage Widget” can at least not be said to be prepared with spyware.

Version 3.0 (24) from the F-Droid Store is clean. This is also confirmed by Exodus Privacy:

We have not found code signature of any tracker we know in the application.
The application could contain tracker(s) we do not know yet.

εxodus Reports (0) trackers -(2) permissions

I want to spread Iode around me. Some people are really interested in it.
And every user is an individual user. Many users are not technicians, not even technophilic.
It is important for me to offer a ready-to-use overall system.
For some it can makes sense that they can see their monthly mobile-data volume at a glance.
But of course it is not vital.