(Poll) What default Search Engine should we use with iodé browser?

  • Brave
  • Disconnect Search
  • Duckduckgo
  • Ecosia
  • Ghostery Glow
  • Google :wink:
  • Infinity Search
  • Lilo
  • MetaGer
  • Mojeek
  • Neeva
  • Nona
  • Peekier
  • Private.sh
  • SearX
  • StartPage
  • Swisscow
  • Qwant

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I hate that Google was one of my votes, but with other browsers I tend to end up going back to Google… I try not to be signed in though. If there’s a way to use Google without fingerprinting/remaining anonymous I’d probably go with that.
But maybe I need to fight my reliance on Google!

Swisscows. The private and anonymous search engine.
Swisscows describes itself as a data-secure search engine and alternative to Google, which uses its own index. In addition to finding answers quickly, the Swisscows answer engine also places a lot of value on your privacy and data protection. For example, all servers are located in Switzerland and it does not store or evaluate your search queries, your IP address or your personal details. Another advantage is that pornographic content is not indexed in the first place, so that no sexual content can be found with the search engine. Thus, the search engine can also be described as family-friendly. AAll the same: In order to come close to the results of the original Google search engine, the Swisscows still need to optimise.


Startpage search engine declares to rely on google. It should act as a man in the middle forwarding your search requests to google while hiding you as the origin of them.
Therefore the search results should be accurate as well (without biasing and fingerprinting).