(Poll) Help us shape iodé!

Hi all and thanks for your input on the poll from last March!

This poll helped us strengthen our decision to keep focusing on our core values: privacy and security in iodéOS.
A first aspect that will change are Over-The-Air (OTA) system updates.
Not only are we going to keep publishing frequent system updates for beta testers with new functionalities to test, but from now on; every month a stable version of iodéOS will be published with monthly security updates, and blocklist updates for all users.
A second aspect you probably noticed is the recent launch of iodéOS Premium!.
The main goal of iodéOS Premium is to help us finance the development and the maintenance of the core system privacy and security-wise; but also our built-in adblocker. By the way, a new update will be pushed tomorrow with a new adblocker feature: save & backup your customized recipients!

I’m adding a poll below to see what you would like us to focus on next. Feel free to comment below your ideas.

  • Child protection optimizations
  • Blocking lists and categories
  • Customization options (regex / …)
  • UI enhancements (world map / …)
  • Premium accounts cloud synchronization / dashboard
  • Seedvault optimization (or replace with other phone backup tool)
  • Documentation
  • Other (write below)
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