Please support phones without PWM


I have never had problems with phones. Recently I bougth used Samsung Note 9. My eyes started to hurt. I never thought to look for PWM on phones. But it seems that the recent trend to use OLED has done that. Even Sony, which I had many phones.

I really like Iode OS. The privacy, no bloat, updates, battery charging… So, please add support for sensitive people like me, for a phone with IPS screen, no PWM. And personally, I want it to have headphone jack and SD card slot too. For example Oneplus Nord N30 is I think like that.

I am using now application OLED saver, which I think it helps. But it is not a good solution.

Thank you.

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But it is not supported by Lineage so not a candidate for bringing to iodé

The Nord N200 is a bit older and has Lineage available so at least the OS can be built as an unsupported device.

I have no idea what iodé’s plans are for releasing new devices though.

What’s PWM?

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Sorry, I completely forgot that Iode relies on Lineage. This makes it even more difficult.

It is true that N200 is with IPS, but there is no information about PWM anywhere. I saw tests with Nord N30 (CE 3 Lite) that say absolutely no PWM. Also some Motorolas and Samsung Xcover 6. I will keep looking.

I found Motorola Moto G100, no PWM, with official Lineage 20.