Pixel 6a stuck in flashboot mode

What can go wrong went wrong today.
I tried to flash 2 Pixel 6a.
But now both are stuck in fast mode mode.
Probably because of bad USB connection and / or wrong driver in boot mode.

adb had worked:
adb reboot bootloader
device started in boot loader mode,

start flash-all.bat
FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))

Now both devices are in fastboot mode
and the only thing that works is the barcode display, nothing else, no restart …
And the devices are no longer recognized even under Windows I connect it.

After i write this,
i hold the power button for around at least 30 seconds or longer.

One pixel restarts normaly - Ok.

The other pixel run in the recovery mode.
“Cannot load Android system.
Erase all data”
And This device also starts again …

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