Phone battery drains in a day after update iode 3.2

Hello Everybody,
I have a Samsung Galaxy S10e that I use mainly for calls and have it mostly offline. Usually I charge it once every 5-6 days. Since the last iodeOS 3.2 update the phone battery drains in a day just in stand by mode (offline), with no use whatsoever. The battery usage shows 47% of battery used by Android in 5 hours. Does anybody else experience similar issues?

What shows
Settings/battery/battery usage?

Totally unnormal

I for myself would do a factory reset via recovery and start from scratch, to see it it will be normal then.

Thank you so much for your feedback!
I’ve had the phone for only 3 months and am so not ready for a factory reset :unamused: :no_mouth: :frowning_face:

Not ready, because you don’t want to do it, or you don’t know how to do it?

Well, a little of both.
I haven’t installed anything on the phone at all. The only apps are the preinstalled ones the phone came with. So what’s the point?
Plus I am afraid not to mess something up since I know nothing about the iodeOS.
And lastly I feel that even with the factory reset, I would still have to do the 3.2 update, which will cause the same result, but I guess I’ll have to do it in order to see for sure if that will be the case…

The reset will not downgrade you phone

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Apart from that unusual battery drain, is everything working normally ? What shows the blocker ?

As far as I can tell everything else looks just fine, although I haven’t used my phone for several days.
I am attaching a photo, I don’t know if this is what you mean by blocker.

Better to investigate what happens in “Stream” Tab

But what I still don’t quite understand is why you put everything on offline. You have deactivated the mobile data for both SIM cards and deactivated the WLAN.
What are you hoping for? A security issue?
It can also have negative consequences. E.g. that your installed apps, such as Signal, are still trying to reach their servers all the time and are therefore draining the battery.
Therefore, it might be better to keep the device online instead of taking it offline.

The phone is offline because I use it only for calling and nothing else. My house is hard-wired so I don’t need the extra EMF.
Thank you for explaining about the apps. I didn’t know that they can still drain the battery even when offline… :roll_eyes:
The thing is that I haven’t changed anything in my routine to cause this sudden change in battery behavior of the last one week.
I updated some apps today, so let’s see if something will change :upside_down_face:

I have also noticed a shorter battery life with iodeOS 3.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S10e. Not as drastic as you but from one and a half day to only a little more than one day.
I don’t see it too serious but something that might be worth looking at for further releases.

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Thank you so much for sharing.


Your battery drain is not normal.
I installed Iodé OS 3.2 from scratch several weeks ago on my S10e.
My usage is comparable to yours.
No social network.
Data and GPS are mostly (but not always) OFF.

Here is a screenshot :

After the screenshot, I noticed that “Économiseur de batterie” (Battery saver ?) was OFF. I just enabled it.
My desktop wallpaper is black.
I chose “dark theme”.
To preserve battery life, I try to keep it near 50 %, and I limited the max charge to 80 %.