Parental Control : schedule control/Gestion des horaires

Je me fais plus porte parole de trois personnes que j’ai envoyé sur IodeOS, pour cette demande.

Mais elles utilisaient toutes le controle parental Google, et elle galère pour trouver un équivalent même payant.

Ce qui leur manque dans le CP iodé c’est le contrôle des horaires. Est ce qu’il est prévu d’ajouter cette fonction dans le futur ?

Merci d’avance

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I’m more the spokesperson for three people I’ve sent to IodeOS with this request.

But they were all using Google Parental Control, and they’re struggling to find an equivalent, even a paid one.

What they’re missing in the Iodized CP is schedule control. Are there any plans to add this function in the future?

Thanks in advance

Parental control in this context is a completely different topic than what iodéOS and its blocker mean by parental control.
iodéOS is about protecting children against malicious sites when using the Internet. Porn, fake sites, trackers, advertising, scam, warrez, etc…
Everything at the DNS level.
However, the features desired here cannot be covered and cannot technically be integrated into the iodé Blocker.
This requires your own apps, a completely new and independent development.
But that’s a thick board that needs to be drilled and I don’t think that will happen in the near future.
And if so, I would like it to be a pure user app, not integrated into the system.
Because I don’t need that and I don’t want that either.
It will then be a niche requirement and this must not end up in the system. Preferably at the user level, but never at the system level


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I understand the point of view, but it could be a stand-alone app like the default apps, which can be activated or deactivated.

In fact, even if I don’t need it yet (I’m betting big on IodeOS for the future) I think it’s going to become a very, very important function to protect our children from the “dangers” of the web.

If you want to get rid of Google, you have to do it on every device in the home, otherwise it’s pointless. Even if all you need is a Google phone to come into your home and destroy all your desire for privacy.


Je comprend le point de vue, mais cela pourrait être une app indépendante comme le sont les applications proposées par défaut, qui sont activables ou desactivables.

En faite, même si je n’en ai pas encore le besoin (je mise gros sur IodeOS pour le futur) je pense que ca va devenir une fonction très très importante pour protéger nos enfants des “dangers” du web.

Si on veut se debarraser de Google il faut le faire sur tous les appareils du foyer sinon ca ne sert à rien. Même s’il suffit d’un téléphone Google qui vient chez vous pour mettre en l’air toute vos envies de respect de vie privée

There is actually no plan to implement such a functionality, but it’s true that there is demand for it. It is not possible by a simple user app: it requires some extra features in the system (at least, to avoid it to be uninstalled/disabled). So we’ll maybe think about it in the future, and do something if we find an acceptable way to do it (and clearly not in the near future…).