Out-of-box support for signature spoofing? (MicroG)

Hi everyone!

I flashed iodeOS v2.3 to my Fairphone 4 yesterday. I must say: I’m pretty impressed with this ROM already!

However, after installing a couple of apps, I realized that iode apparently doesn’t spoof the signature of MicroG GmsCore, resulting in non-functional cloud-messaging. (MicroG self-check also says, that spoofing is not available.)

MicroG’s system requirements seem to be pretty clear, that you will need the spoofing for it to work correctly.

Now I’m wondering:

  • Is iode not spoofing the signature IN GENERAL?
  • Or is it just on my phone?
  • How can I get the patch for signature spoofing installed (the easiest way)?

All the best

Hi, iodéOS implements a more restrictive signature spoofing mechanism, which has originally been published here (https://github.com/dylangerdaly/platform_frameworks_base/commit/b58aa11631fadab3309a1d9268118bd9f2c2a79f). This explains why microG does not detect signature spoofing permission, as with this method there is no need for an additional permission.
Google registration and GCM work well, but there are sometimes difficulties for the first registration. Generally, disabling an reenabling google registration is sufficient.

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